Legislative Updates

South Dakota State Capiatl


2023 Legislative Update

View House Bill 1014 here. Signed by Governor Noem on 02/09/2023. House Bill 1014 update provisions related to the licensure of speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology assistants.

View Senate Bill 10 here. Signed by Governor Noem on 02/24/2023. Senate Bill 10 is expanding the certification options for interpreters for the deaf.

View Senate Bill 37 here. Signed by Governor Noem on 02/24/2023Senate Bill 37 has the primary purpose of changing the name of the South Dakota School for the Deaf to South Dakota Services for the Deaf.

2022 Legislative Update

View full legislative update for 2022 here.

2021 Legislative Update 03/09/2021

View full legislative update for 03/09/2021 here.

View full legislative update for 02/10/2021 here

View full legislative update for 01/29/2021 here.

View full legislative update for 01/23/2021 here.

HB 1041 Amended 
Thank you for reaching out to your legislative representatives in opposition to HB 1041. HB 1041 was tabled for the 2021 legislative session due to opposition to combining the boards and the need for the practice acts for audiology, hearing aid dispensing, and speech-language pathology to be updated. SDSLHA will work with the licensure boards to identify and repeal obsolete and outdated provisions in law and rule, to streamline processes for licensure of our professions, and to introduce interstate compact legislation. We will address needed updates in the coming months and prepare to propose legislation in the 2022 legislative session. 

96th South Dakota Legislative Session Calendar. SDSLHA members are encouraged to monitor bills that are introduced in the legislative session and to contact the SDSLHA Executive Council to voice opinions on legislation that has a potential effect on our professions and the individuals we serve. To read legislative acts that are introduced in session, go to https://sdlegislature.gov/ and search “Bills” for the current session.

2020 Legislative Alerts

SDSLHA monitored several legislative acts during the 2020 SD legislative session. Read the final 2020 SDSLHA Legislative Update.