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2021 Legislative Update 01/18/2021

HB 1041
At this time, SDSLHA is communicating with the licensing boards for our professions, and the Department of Health to address concerns regarding the combination of the licensing boards and specific issues with HB 1041 as described in detail below. A meeting of stakeholders was held on 1/15/2021; we were not able to discuss many of the concerns due to time constraints. Another meeting will be scheduled in the upcoming week.
At this time, SDSLHA does not support HB 1041 due to the following concerns: 
  • Content of the legislation needs to update language for scope of practice and address differing renewal terms and licensing fees across the professions. 
  • TIming of the legislation as members of our professions are dealing with the COVID pandemic does not allow time to carefully consider changes being made in regulations. 
  • Licensure boards will be negatively impacted by the expenditure of time and resources to form a new board and write new rules. 
  • HB 1041 is significantly longer than current licensure laws and will be confusing for professionals and consumers to navigate when looking for information regarding professional responsibilities and consumer rights. 

Click here for a detailed analysis of HB 1041.

Click here for talking points to use when contacting your legislators and members of the Health and Human Services committees. 

When introduced, HB 1041 will be heard by the House Health and Human Services Committee. A listing of the committee members and their hearing schedule is available at: https://sdlegislature.gov/Session/Committee/487/Detail 

Legislative Alerts

SDSLHA monitored several legislative acts during the 2020 SD legislative session. Read the final 2020 SDSLHA Legislative Update. The 2021 legislative session begins on January 12, 2021 and ends on March 11, 2021. 96th South Dakota Legislative Session Calendar. SDSLHA members are encouraged to monitor bills that are introduced in the legislative session and to contact the SDSLHA Executive Council to voice opinions on legislation that has a potential effect on our professions and the individuals we serve. To read legislative acts that are introduced in session, go to https://sdlegislature.gov/ and search “Bills” for the current session.