Award Nominations

 2019 SDSLHA Award Winners
Deb Flynn is recognized as the
2019 SD Nominee for the ASHFoundation State Clinical Achievement Award in Orlando, FL


                                                   Becky Harvey (with Londa DeRouchey)                       Beth Peschong (with Londa DeRouchey)                      Deb Flynn (with Londa DeRouchey) 
                                                   Award for Contribution in the Schools                          Award for Contribution in the Schools                     Award for Recent Clinical Achievement
                                                  Jennifer Schultz (with Londa DeRouchey)                    Anne Crosswait-Degen (with Londa DeRouchey)                Shirley Hauge (with Londa DeRouchey)

                                                        Award for Recent Clinical Achievement                                               Honors of the Association                                                    Award for Volunteerism  

 Scottish Rite Clinic: Distinguished Service Award