Award Nominations

SDSLHA has five awards that can be presented to its members or individuals who have shown exemplary effort in some area of communication disorders. Any member of the Association may submit a candidate and it's super easy! Just follow these steps.

  • Submit your nominee info before August 1, 2020.
  • Recognize your colleagues for their great work in the fields of SLP and AuD. Send nominee info to Past President, Londa DeRouchey at [email protected] with the subject line “Call for Awards Nominations”.
  • Include the nominee and nominator contact information, a statement of why the nominee should receive the award, a brief biographical introduction to the nominee, information and/or documentation regarding the nominee’s contribution, who has benefited, and subsequent impact on the profession(s) in a 12-point font and single spaced.
  • Add support statements/letters from other professionals and where appropriate, from a recipient of services. *This is optional.
  • Attend the annual SDSLHA Meeting this October held via Zoom to see the Award winners!

The following is an explanation of each SDSLHA award:

SDSLHA Honors of the Association Award. This award recognizes members for their distinguished contributions to the discipline of communication sciences and disorders and is the highest honor the Association bestows. The award recognizes SDSLHA members whose contributions have been of such excellence that they have enhanced or altered the course of the professions. Members are encouraged to nominate individuals who are well-known throughout the state for a lifetime of innovative clinical practice, insightful and rigorous research, creative administration, effective legislative activity, outstanding teaching or other distinguished professional contributions. Nominations meeting the requirements will also be submitted for consideration of the ASHFoundation Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award and/or ASHA Honors of the Association Award.

SDSLHA Distinguished Service Award. This award is designed to recognize significant contributions to the professions of speech-language pathology and/or audiology by living persons who are not members of SDSLHA. Nominees may include: 1) an individual; 2) a group of individuals; or 3) a non-profit organization. Some areas of contribution to consider include: consumer advocacy, legislative or other governmental affairs activity, public awareness, research, service to the Association/community. Nominations meeting the requirements will also be submitted for consideration of the ASHA Distinguished Service Award.

SDSLHA Volunteerism Award. This award recognizes an individual who has made significant and outstanding volunteer contributions to SDSLHA and serves as a model of volunteerism to others. The award acknowledges the volunteer time and efforts of current members including those who may not have been afforded the opportunity to hold one of the highest elected positions in the Association but may have served on various committees, boards, councils, and/or Board of Directors. Nominations meeting the requirements will also be submitted for the consideration of the ASHA Dorothy Dreyer Award.

SDSLHA Recent Clinical Achievement Award. This award recognizes contributions to advancing knowledge in clinical practice in audiology or speech-language pathology within the past six years. Eligible activities or accomplishments include, but are not restricted to, the following examples: a single achievement with a client or group of clients, a specific clinical service or training program, a specific achievement in a state or local organization or government agency activity, and/or a specific accomplishment in clinical teaching, research, or administration. Nominations meeting the requirements will also be submitted by the Association for the consideration of the ASHFoundation Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement.

SDSLHA Contribution in the Schools Award. This award recognizes an individual’s exemplary commitment and contribution to the delivery of audiology and/or speech-language pathology services within a school setting. Examples include school-based research, clinical services/training/supervision, promotion/enhancement of public or private support for audiology and speech-language pathology service in the schools, creative use of resources, etc. Nominations meeting the requirements will also be submitted for the consideration of the ASHFoundation Van Hattum Award for Contribution in the Schools.  

2019 SDSLHA Award Winners
Deb Flynn is recognized as the
2019 SD Nominee for the ASHFoundation State Clinical Achievement Award in Orlando, FL


                                                   Becky Harvey (with Londa DeRouchey)                       Beth Peschong (with Londa DeRouchey)                      Deb Flynn (with Londa DeRouchey) 
                                                   Award for Contribution in the Schools                          Award for Contribution in the Schools                     Award for Recent Clinical Achievement
                                                  Jennifer Schultz (with Londa DeRouchey)                    Anne Crosswait-Degen (with Londa DeRouchey)                Shirley Hauge (with Londa DeRouchey)

                                                        Award for Recent Clinical Achievement                                               Honors of the Association                                                    Award for Volunteerism  

 Scottish Rite Clinic: Distinguished Service Award