Communicating with Legislators

One of the most effective ways to advocate for our professions and the individuals we serve is through contact with our legislative representatives. Email, phone, and face-to-face interactions with legislators help them to understand our professions, the importance of our services in education and healthcare, and how they can support individuals with speech, language, hearing, and related disorders. Learn more about how you can impact legislation to improve the lives of individuals with communication disorders at ASHA Member Advocacy.

When contacting your legislators,
1)      Let them know that you are one of their constituents.
2)      Know the basic facts about the topic about which you are calling or writing.
3)      Inform them of your professional credentials related to the issue so they understand your expertise in the area.
4)      Be respectful of their time, presenting your information as concisely as possible.
5)      Contact them when the issue is being addressed in their legislative body so that they pay more attention to your concern and are able to act on the information you provide.
6)      Offer your contact information to address additional questions or concerns that they may have.
7)      Thank them for their time and attention to your concerns.

Contacting SD State Legislators
To find your state legislators, go to the South Dakota Legislative Research Council (LRC) Find My Legislators page. Enter your District, County, City or your Address and Click “Find.” Click on the legislators’ names to view their contact information, committee assignments, and bills sponsored.  Additional information about the legislative process is available on the SD LRC Resources page.

Contacting US Legislators
Find our SD legislators in the US House of Representatives and Senate using the ASHA Find Your Elected Officials page.  Click on the legislators’ names to view their contact information and committee assignments.