2022 Virtual Workshop Series

The 2021 Fall/Winter workshop series is now complete. A workshop series for 2022 is in the planning stages now. Please check back often to see new workshop titles and register for those you may be interested in.

The following are titles of presentations offered in past workshop series: 

  • Successful Advocacy: Strategies that Work
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Supervision Setbacks, Snafus, and Successes! 
  • The tangled web of Tongue Ties and SLPs:  What every therapist needs to know about oral restrictions 
  • Deliberate Documentation 
  • Literacy and AAC: How to Infuse AAC in Literacy Instruction 
  • Early Intervention: Success and Challenges in Home Visiting in the Era of COVD-19
  • Fostering Learning & Growth in Supervision Through Psychological Safety
  • Managing Vocal Hygiene and Communicating with PPE: Designing an In-Service for Your Workplace
  • Yoga & Mindfulness for the Virtual Work World

Continuing Education 

  • Live workshops will be registered for ASHA Continuing Education credit and a certificate of attendance will be issued.
  • Recorded workshops will be available when presenters agree to allow recording. These will be available to SDSLHA members to complete for a certificate of attendance. ASHA CE credit will not be submitted for viewing of recorded workshops. Attendees may choose to use submit self-recorded Certification Maintenance Hours (CMH). See below for details.
  • Using a Certificate of Attendance for ASHA Certification Renewal: Self-recorded CMHs are activities you complete and document, instead of being tracked by the ASHA CE Registry. You do not need to obtain prior approval from ASHA for the activities you choose. The activities will count toward your 3 year interval as long as they meet ASHA’s certification maintenance standard for professional development and acceptable activities. You are required to maintain your own documentation for all self-recorded CMHs. You will only need to submit documentation to ASHA if you are notified of being selected for an audit.